What Is My Skin Type? | What should I be looking out for?

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What Is My Skin Type? | What should I be looking out for?

It’s our first ever blogpost yay!

Welcome and fasten your seat belt cos it’s going to be one jolly ride. You ready?

In this first blog post we’ll be navigating through the different skin types. There’s more real stuff coming your way. We are committed to your skin.

Now let’s get to it, shall we?

No matter what your skin type is, it needs to be maintained to ensure it is getting the right/necessary nutrients to nourish and replenish it. For your skin to get the right nourishment, you will need a well-organised and carefully selected skincare routine; consider it a balanced diet for your skin!

Once you know your skin type (not as hard as you think which you will find in this blog), choosing the right skincare products will be a breeze and in this blog, we explain the different types of skin there are and what you should be looking out for to know what skin type you are.

There are four common skin types –

Oily Skin

This type of skin produces excess oil all over the face including areas around the t-zone ( i.e. the forehead, the nose, and the chin). Due to the excess oil that is produced by the skin, this skin will look greasy and shiny. The excess oil build up means the pores can become clogged and congested which eventually leads to breakouts and blemishes and blackheads. There are pros too, an oily skin ages slower than other skin types and is less prone to wrinkles. Check here for Oily Skin Type product range.

Combination Skin

This skin type is a combination of both oily and dry patches. The oily part in combination skin is usually the t-zone ( i.e. the forehead, the nose, and the chin) whilst the cheeks are normal to dry. Combination skin often deals with a lot of the same issues as oily skin such as enlarged pores and acne but also, typically experience dullness and dryness on the cheeks, temples and around the eye. It can be a struggle to maintain but with the right skin care and routine, your skin will be fine. Check here for some of our favourite Combination Skin type products.

Normal Skin

This skin type is a well-balanced skin; having the right amount of oil and moisture. Normal skin is not usually prone to breakouts or flakiness of the skin as the other skin types. The skin feels soft, supple and evenly pored. For the lucky few who have got these, we say lucky you! (and yes, we are teeny-weeny jealous). Check out our range of products to pamper your skin with.

Dry Skin

People with a dry skin type may observe flaking, scaling, or peeling of the skin and when touched, they feel rough to the touch and look rough. This skin type often appears red and irritated and sometimes very itchy. They also look less elastic and look tighter because they lack moisture and oils. Dry Skin also can be prone to breakouts and blemishes because the skin’s barrier is often weakened/damaged. Check out our beauty products for dry skin types.

Remember, no matter what your skin type is, they deserve to look and feel better and no matter how old you are or what the weather is like, keeping a well structured skincare routine and well-suited skin products will keep it healthy, giving you that youthful look you so dreamed of.

Watch this space for more beauty and skincare chit chat.

Shop your skin type here  and don’t forget to contact us if you have any questions or would like to build and personalise a routine to your skin type.

You Are Beautiful!

Love and Light


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